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Spread The Word

We need help to get the message out there.  Can you distribute leaflets within Glasgow & West Central Scotland, giving them to shops, schools, nurseries, community centres, etc?  If so, please get in touch.

As well as operating a foster care network to care for unwanted, neglected and abandoned rabbits looking for a new home, we also want raise awareness of appropriate rabbit care and current rabbit welfare issues.

The Easter period is the most damaging time of year for rabbit rescue services, as so many people choose, often on a spur of the moment, to buy rabbits as Easter presents without first considering whether they are able to provide proper care for their new pet.

Our understanding of rabbit welfare and health has evolved drastically over the past ten to fifteen years, and what was once an acceptable way to keep a rabbit has now been discovered to be highly harmful to the rabbits, most of whom aren't getting the basic needs they deserve, as stipulated in the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Our team of volunteers have developed a new education & awareness program, and would be delighted to visit schools, nurseries, community and youth groups to deliver our new, interactive talks on rabbit welfare.

During the talk, we'll show why it's best to remember that "Rabbits Need SHEDS" - an acronym that helps you remember the key aspects of caring for your rabbit.

The program is suited to all age groups, and can range from 1 hour sessions through to full days.

We can also visit local pet stores, supermarkets & shopping centres to deliver awareness days.

Where available, and if it is appropriate, we can often bring some of our rabbits along with us.  This is particularly good for children who can get an opportunity to see the rabbits up close and handle them too.  There's may even be a chance for you to meet our Trustee's pet rabbits, which include Giant Continentals.

If you would like an awareness day or session for your school, nursery, or community group, please simply get in touch and we'll do our best to fit you in.

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